TrucBrush is a snow removal technology and service firm in Easton, Massachusetts.
The TrucBrush concept was born when Jim Burns was challenged by his client, a regional facility of one of the largest motor carrier companies in the United States to address a serious safety and operational inefficiency issue. As their snow provider, the head of facilities was hoping Jim could offer a better method to remove the accumulated snow and ice from the rooftops of their trucking fleet.  The safety of the client’s employees and general roadway traffic were of critical concern to them.  The facility currently relied on an antiquated rolling ladder and labor-intensive roof rake system to clear the snow from the truck’s tops by their drivers.
An extensive review by Jim of the shortcomings associated with other solutions suggested a new approach was needed and Jim, with his twenty-eight years of snow management experience was uniquely qualified to solve the problem.   Under his direction, a team of experts comprised of engineers intricately involved with the trucking industry, equipment developers, snow industry and trucking safety professionals was assembled to work with him in developing a new solution based on four core principals:
  • It must be safe for the operator who is removing the snow.
  • It must clean the truck surface better than any other solution.
  • It must easily integrate into the client’s fleet environment.
  • It must be capable of being outsourced to a private contractor, as the facility may not have the capacity or flexibility to perform.
What resulted is today known as The TrucBrush® — a mobile solution that provides a safer, faster and more efficient means for removing accumulated snow and ice off the tops of trucks without requiring significant infrastructure investment and year-round dedicated facility space.

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