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the IEC is your partner for growth

At the IEC (International Entrepreneurship Center) we specialize in helping mid-size companies grow.
We provide Strategies for Growth, Education for Growth and, in partnership with GRID Investments, Capital for Growth

IMAP, our International Market Accelerator Program, focuses on assisting technology-based companies with entry into US Markets.
It provides a low cost, low risk approach to growth for companies that are ready to reach outside of their domestic markets.

strategies for growth

Examining the ecosystem that is affected by your innovation can lead to greater opportunity. Let us help.

our IEC staff is expert at market development


The United States represents an enormous market opportunity with a population of over 300 million.  Channels of distribution and marketing media choices are efficient and accessible.  However, competition in the US market is fierce and must be studied carefully in order to understand the real potential for any new entrant.


Often, the value statements that work in one country are not successful another and must be modified.  Our goal is to facilitate a detailed study of the market, and tune the message to best fit the opportunity.  Often, we will make specific recommendations for the modification  of product features so as to better fit the US market.  


Each unique market has a complicated set of constituencies that we refer to as an ecosystem.  In most cases, any particular new product or service has the potential to disrupt the entire ecosystem.  Our goal is to best understand where the value offered to a potential US partner can be maximized.

some case studies from the IEC


The International Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) was established in early 2012 by a team of seasoned professionals who are individually experienced in starting up businesses across a range of industries and geographies.  Today the IEC is working with over two dozen businesses, many of which are from Latin America.  


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  • Strategies for Growth

  • IMAP: international market acceleration program

  • Case Studies

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  • Bob Caspe

    President, CEO

  • Duane Mayo


  • Enio Pinto


  • Jay Cromarty


  • Scott Sargis


capital for growth

Traditional funding should be a last resort.  Let us show you better ways.

capital for growth


As companies attempt to grow, they need nourishment in the form of working capital, intellectual capital, brand capital, etc.  Finding resources that offer the highest return and lowest risk is difficult.  Often, entrepreneurs are limited in their thinking about how to fund their businesses, simply believing that the process involves writing a business plan and then finding a venture investor.  However, few companies actually successfully raise venture funds and most of the ones that do, fail to provide any return to the founders or investors.


At the IEC we offer a wider array of methods to fund your growth, ranging from conventional equity financing to using the ecosystem around you, and obtaining needed forms of capital in exchange for various things that you can bring your partner, which is not always stock.

alternate forms of capital



At the IEC, we offer help with finding the working capital needed for growing your business. There are many alternatives including customer financing, channel financing, vendor financing and traditional venture and angel investment. We help you analyze these choices in order to minimize your personal risk and maximize your return.  More information...

  • Capital For Growth

  • Grid Investments
    a boutique VC firm focused on startups

  • Alternate Forms of Capital

education for growth

Traditional approaches to Entrepreneurship Education simply don't work. Let us show you why.

at the IEC, we offer several educational programs for businesses that are seeking growth


Most business schools teach the writing of business plans as the way to start a new product or venture. But experience teaches us that most venture-backed startups fail and most new products created by established companies have a similarly poor track record. Our methodologies focus on the customer instead of the product. We use the "Challenger Sales" method to learn the customer’s business model, and then identify technology-based innovations that can lead to clear growth for the client. Risk is substantially lowered and funding is often available directly from the customer.


We also offer a collection of task-oriented classes that are tailored to the operating entrepreneur who is confronted with a specific set of operational goals and needs a compact and timely educational experience that is not oriented to a degree but rather to an operational objective.

custom programs


Our Programs can be custom designed specifically for your enterprise.  They can be delivered at your site or in Boston at one of our classroom facilities.  We also have dorm and classrooms at Boston College, dependent upon availability.  Class size can be as large as 45 students.


These world-acclaimed programs have been delivered as part of graduate and undergraduate MBA programs offered by IBMEC, FGV and UDD and through NGOs like Endeavor Brazil. A typical program might consist of six individual classes plus two half-day workshops.


Please contact Danielle Padua, or go here for more information and to register.

open enrollment


At the IEC, we run a wide variety of open enrollment classes on various nights of the week from 6pm to 9pm.  Class size is limited to 40 students.  Most courses are $50 per class per student.  Students can enroll through our website.  Check out our calendar and enroll by clicking here.  Course materials are included.

class selection


Most of our classes are available as either Open Enrollment or as part of a one-week custom program. All of our classes are action-oriented and, as such, offer a step-by-step approach to understanding the subjects.


Topics include "How Technology is affecting business innovation", "The Impact of Social Media on Businesses", "What it means to be an Entrepreneur", "Creating a Value Proposition", "Pre-existing Category Development", "New Category Development", "Venture Finance", "Strategic Partnerships", "The Challenger Sales Method", "The Market Ecosystem", "HTML5 & CSS3 for Entrepreneurs with Web-based Businesses", and many more!

networking events


At the IEC, we offer a variety of FREE networking events.  We post these events on Meetup.com as well as on our IEC calendar.  They include:


IEC Pitch Night: Entrepreneurs are welcome to pitch their business ideas to an open forum and receive feedback from other attendees and our mentors.  This is a great opportunity to meet other team members, investors or simply to practice your pitch in a safe and fun environment.


Networking Night: This is a pizza and beer event that is held monthly as a way to simply mix with other entrepreneurs.  Looking for a job, a partner or an investor, this might be the place that it happens.

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  • Custom Programs

  • Open Enrollment

  • Class Selection

  • Networking Events

our growing clients

Meet our clients. They come from all over the world. They are a select group of high growth potential companies that share a common entrepreneurial vision.

be a part of the IEC family


The IEC is a shared office facility in an attractive brick building located in Newton, Massachusetts that offer flexible options with no capital investment and choices in terms.  Rental agreements can be by the day, month, quarter or year.  We provide shared conference, teaching and support facilities along with the basic infrastructure needed to meet fundamental business needs.  The IEC attracts entrepreneurs who are starting up small businesses who also benefit from the shared experience and the availability of mentorship and education that is uniquely available at this facility.  

working at the IEC


This link should go to existing IEC website page with pricing since it will eventually go away.

  • Be a part of the IEC Family

  • Working At the IEC

  • Ovatemp

    Ovatemp is a mobile, smarter, fertility service that helps women get pregnant naturally. Our seamless wireless thermometer, and incredibly easy to use app, provide women with an easier way to practice the Fertility Awareness Method. Best of all, we give our users day-to-day lifestyle tips in order to maximize fertility.

  • ReconCraft

    ReconCraft has set the benchmark for rugged and reliable marine craft by providing unmatched shallow water capability, operability in weed and debris, and a blast resistant hull protection system.

  • Synapse SEM

    Synapse SEM is a search engine marketing firm with core competencies in paid search advertising and search engine optimization. Our proven data and statistics-based approach to online marketing has positioned us as market leaders and has become a main driver of success for our clients.

  • Zoos Tea

    Greek Mountain Tea has been an important staple in healthy Mediterranean diets for generations. Now, we at ZOOS are thrilled to introduce you to a product that we fell in love with years ago! Hand-picked from Greek mountaintops and brewed in its purist form, our tea is believed to aid in health & wellness.

  • TS Business Solutions

    TS Business Solutions is a technology, finance, business and education consulting firm. We marry strategic thinking with attention to detail and excellent customer service. Our goal is to always and in all ways deliver the right services at the right price.

  • Simplus Group

    Simplus Group is a group of technologists and entrepreneurs committed to helping organizations better understand the problems that they face, generate powerful ideas to address them, and build scalable technology solutions. Let's change the world, together.


    LOGON is a software company that has developed a set of browser plugins and a related video data management suite for use in the creation and delivery of television like video on a PC, Mac or handheld client terminal. Our customers are typically owners of content (media) that seek to exploit the Internet for distribution and sale of their IP.

  • Ebanx

    EBANX is a software company that has created a payment method for US (and other International) web merchants so that they can easily collect payment from clients in Brazil that do not have an International Credit Card. EBANX is the easiest payment method in the Internet and it simplifies online shopping at your maximum convenience.


    Getrak is a Brazilian company that has developed cloud-based software that is used to track and monitor vehicles that have a GPS/GPRS transmitter. Our current clients include companies that monitor police departments and cement truck operators.

  • Biospace

    Biospace is a research and innovation company that designs and develops equipment for the aerospace market. We have developed the Weather Link, the e-sock. The e-sock is a system which provides meteorological data within 10 nautical miles of the aerodrome for those equipped with the receiving device, WLR-100.