Frontive’s Smart Personal Health Assistant combines AI, voice and personal health records to make it easier for patients and families to manage complex care situations.

Frontive’s subscription service creates a true ‘virtual personal health assistant’, making it easier for people with complex health situations to manage and adhere to their care plans. Simply put, we make existing health info more accessible, understandable and actionable for consumers and their families, while also increasing their ability to be more proactive vs. reactive in managing their care.

Unlike most adherence products and services, Frontive’s subscription-based service:
1) Achieves medical record portability by targeting the consumer as the customer,
2) Auto-populates user data, supporting analytics to provide actionable insights,
3) Personalizes and highly automates the experience as the AI ‘learns’, and
4) Leverages physicians as a trusted referral channel to minimize post-op costs

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